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Racing in Australia


Racing in Australia

Because we are so far “Downunder” we do things a little different!!

From the very beginning, MOST racing has got off the ground by the formation of a CLUB. A group of like-minded enthusiasts that want to show the next bloke just how good he is.

Step one, they asked permission from a local government to “USE” a piece of land. Then after many “BUSY BEES” on weekends there was some sort of facility to race on and a CLUB HOUSE to have a beer or two after racing. Sounds great HUH?

What then occurred over the years because there was no direct ownership there was NO direction!! Best leave that subject right where it is, we would not have enough ink to fill in the details!!

Racing in Australia rarely sees a qualifying format. This is only rolled out for crown Jewel events like State or National titles. Generally, a pill is drawn that sets out the first round of heats then the lines are crossed and reversed for the second round of heats so most race each other at some time in the two rounds of heats. So straight away its not fastest to the front!! Too often cars are damaged in the heats with the want to be front runners not exercising patience!! (Cannot claim that I have not done that!) With the 2-round format you get a second opportunity to get your car right for the feature.

Often, we will put in a setup we think will lean more towards the track conditions expected for the feature. Always the goal is to place ourselves in the first 3 rows of the feature….(don’t be TOO impatient in the heats)

Feature races on a normal night are 30 laps, crown jewel are 40. We have tried a few 50 lappers, but we just don’t have the depth in the field as most cars are run by recreational racers.

As speedway is fundamentally club run, most sponsors and supporters come from within the base of racers.

West Australia is the largest and best quality field of cars, most nights we have between 25-35 cars with a 24-car track density, some miss out!!

Our racing schedule varies from week to week but sometimes we only race twice in a month but January we are enjoying the Wild West Shootout with 6 races in the month of January.

This is the time we have enjoyed visiting American drivers. A trip to AUSSIE provides a USA Driver with a trip of a lifetime. All those that have made the trip have enjoyed the hospitality, enjoyed the racing, generally left with a lifelong memory of a wonderful experience. We ensure in between the racing there is plenty of adventures for the visitors.

Article Credit: Paul Stubber

Submitted By: Pam Lemon

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